Nadia Khalil

Nadia Khalil

A teacher of love

Distinguished book author, international radio show host, private life coach, and teacher of self-love, with dynamic experience inspiring varied audiences, such as church groups, corporations, book clubs, etc.

Nadia Khalil is a Confidant of Truth. She works with Self Love and Soul Alignment, building a workable, achievable life plan. Her teachings can guide any of us forward to a better life – rather than one based on fear, doubt, worry or constantly wondering how to live the life you dream of and want to live. Nadia is a distinguished book author, international radio show host, and teacher of self-love.

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The Origins of Truth

At first Nadia did not want to tell anyone. It took her a great amount of time to wrap her mind around the fact that someone like herself could see Christ and left wondering why? Christ does not come to us without a specific calling and responsibility that goes with it. Nadia had to be taught so that she could fulfill her calling. Nadia’s calling is to bridge people’s souls back to themselves. What does that mean? It is about reclaiming yourself and how to do that. It is about rebirthing your soul. How can you do that? She has been having interactions with Christ for the last 17 years of her life so that we can find our way back to ourselves. That is why she is here and the essence of her presentation.

*What does Christ say about all of these things beyond religion. 

*How Christ is not a religion and how we can break our boundary lines between each other. 

* Why now? Why is Christ speaking to her and why is it about you too? 

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Oneself and how to feel truly whole and connected to oneself
  • Experiencing true inner peace
  • How to activate empowering thoughts that will improve your life.
  • How to redefine your purpose and enjoy greater fulfillment.
  • How to experience a healing your heart and a clearing your mind
  • Experience a renewed sense of hope and energy to live out your dreams.

Happy Relationships!

Over and above fighting for ourselves, how do we recover from a disagreement, how do we grow past an argument, how do we communicate these things without tearing each other apart, leaving our relationships holding on by a thread? How to be in a relationship and enjoy every part of your life with another soul and grow towards greater bonding rather than away from it? How do we learn to fight for the entity that is the us and focus on keeping the relationship in tact while we get to be ourselves and enjoy who we are without any hiding places needing to be a part of our lives? 

* Communication in Relationships

* Letting Your Guard Down

* Personal Freedom

In this presentation you will learn the keys to building stronger, harmonious and fulfilling relationships by:

  • Creating bridges rather than forts.
  • Accepting vulnerabilities as virtues
  • Allowing growth to lead the way
  • Giving resolutions a chance
  • Listening rather than explaining 
  • Taking responsibility for your role in the Relationship
  • Leaving blame behind
  • Seeing the relationship as a gift

“The Power of Self Talk”

This one was hardest. When Nadia encountered Christ, she thought she was doing OK already. To her amazement, she soon discovered she had another thing coming! The stories behind this one is the funniest simply because we don’t know what we don’t know. Once we know we can see how directive our ways of learning are and how that puts us in places we never actually wanted to be. How do we break that habit, pattern and everything we have been taught through new awareness and how did Christ teach her to do that? 

*Identifying your personal motives

*Understanding your decision-making process and how it affects every decision you make

*How do your self-account and how does self-communication and self-care work within. 

Through this presentation Nadia reveals how to:

  • Identify your personal strengths
  • Understand that you are not alone
  • Gain stronger self- recognition
  • Leave negative talk behind
  • Gain greater self- awareness
  • See your life as a body of work

“Love Wins!”

WE all love, love. Love is one of those things that we find everywhere we go and yet it is something that feels brand new every time, every encounter, interaction and place we find it. So, the good news is, it is everywhere. The bad news is we’ve created misconceptions out of love and we totally leave it out of the equation looking for it. How can you reel in the way you love in and how can you allow its presence to be a part of your life? Recognizing its power for what it is, rather than what we think it is supposed to DO for us? 

* How expectations give love no way out. 

* What is love according to Christ and why is Hell the absence of love? 

* What is self-love and why is it the most important thing about you that you can learn. 

As listeners partake in this transformational presentation. You will:

  • Begin to see love as the most powerful energy that you have. 
  • Understanding the purity of love and how it motivates one’s soul. 
  • Identify how love looks, sounds and feels like in every thought you have. 
  • Walk love through your decision-making process. Acknowledging love and seeing that love really does change outcomes. 

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