Mitch Fairrais

Mitch Fairrais

Communication and Leadership

Mitch gets rave reviews as a speaker and a facilitator because he goes beyond simply motivating participants.  He aims to help them understand, step-by-step, how they can do things differently!  His sessions and keynotes are not only enjoyable but are extremely practical, typically interactive, and immediately useful.  Mitch has worked globally, helping organizations create environments that increase both accountability for results and personal fulfillment.  Mitch works at all levels within organizations, from Presidents and CEOs to front-line managers.

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In this keynote, Mitch reveals the secrets to having greater influence. Mitch will equip audience members with a wide variety of practical tools and best practices they can use to become more effective immediately – with their employees, customers, colleagues, managers, peers and even family members.

Mitch will explain how to step into another person’s frame of reference to unlock the very best results in any relationship. Mitch will show audience members how to get on the same page with others quickly and effectively, in order to have greater influence. This keynote will allow them to explore how to gain understanding, positively change behavior and influence viewpoints that differ from their own.


Most companies realize that Innovation is critical for them to grow, and in some cases, to survive. When it comes to Innovation in the current marketplace, there is an overwhelming number of complex models, methodologies, approaches and supposed Gurus. In this powerful keynote, On the Mark’s President, Mitch Fairrais, cuts through it all with some common sense approaches to Innovation. Mitch will address the simple strategies that Leaders can use to foster a Culture of Innovation. He will also address how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls which can undermine Leaders’ ability to create a Culture of Innovation.


Have you experienced being nervous entering a difficult conversation with a colleague, employee or customer? Have you ever had an important conversation go sideways when the stakes or emotions were high? In this keynote, Mitch will offer simple techniques to help audience members get the best from others when they need to have these conversations. Mitch will offer step-by-step techniques that will allow audience members to have more ease and reduce potential friction when conducting difficult conversations. Mitch will also help audience members learn how to increase the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome while leaving the other person feeling valued in the process.

This keynote, in a one hour format, can also accommodate time to practice these simple, yet practical, techniques, so audience members can be prepared to use them, in the real world.


In this keynote, Mitch will help audience members understand how to get more of what they want out of life, including better business results.

Mitch will introduce a decision-making model that will enable audience members to change the way they approach opportunities and challenges, and ultimately change what they can accomplish. Mitch will introduce a focused way of approaching decisions and solving problems that can yield unprecedented results. He will also help audience members understand that how they ‘label’ circumstances they encounter, can have a significant impact on what they can, or can’t accomplish.


In this keynote, Mitch will show audience members how they can get better results with, and through, others faster, and with less effort. Mitch will share powerful strategies for creating trust, including those that are often counterintuitive.

Trust is the key that can unlock results in relationships, leading to greater ease and better productivity with employees, customers, colleagues, managers, and peers. Everyone understands the importance of trust, but creating it can nevertheless be challenging for many. Mitch will help audience members understand why the typical strategies for gaining trust are often woefully ineffective. More importantly, he will provide them with proven strategies and the step-by-step actions they can use to create it in every avenue of their business and in their lives.


Based on his interviews with numerous Presidents and CEOs of Global Corporations, Mitch will share how Senior Leaders have managed challenges and found success in the most difficult of circumstances. Downsizing, Mergers, Product Launches, Threats from Competition, Changing Markets and changes in Strategic Direction are just some of the circumstances that can complicate or threaten both the productivity and morale of any organization. In this keynote, Mitch will share the powerful strategies that Senior Leaders across the globe have used to successfully navigate such circumstances.

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