Jenn August

Jenn August

The International Mindset Expert

Jenn August is a certified business success coach, success mindset expert and international speaker.

Her proprietary success mindset system has gained her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success. Jenn’s step by step process has helped her clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. Through her work, she helps her clients see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission so they can begin to live a life of clear purpose and abundance.

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Turn On Your Money Magnetism Program:

In this program, clients would learn a powerful method to help them create a new present time relationship with money that is prosperous and fun…yes I said fun! This program helps you reset your subconscious mind for your greatest financial success while asleep…that’s right while they make ZZZZZZZZZZZZs. Also, you will learn a breakthrough method that will help you allow yourself to receive more money, clients and opportunities than ever before.

Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks! Home Study Course

This audio system teaches you a step-by-step system to identify and clear your hidden blocks with powerful conscious and subconscious mind tools. You will discover how to create a magnetic “Success Vision” so you can draw into your life a fulfilling and profitable business while having time to enjoy your family and friends. The six hypnotherapy audios will help you reprogram your subconscious to create a self-image and a belief system that supports your goals. The hypnotherapy audios in the system include: You Are Worthy, Become A Money Magnet, My Prosperous Pipeline, Relaxing Into the Abundance, You Are A Queen, You Are A King, & Your Success Vision. This program includes The Accelerator Goal Tracking System to keep you excited and focused on your goals and in action so you can create the results you want…and enjoy it!

C3 Quantum One-On-One Success Program

This program is personalized for your blocks and challenges. One-on-one Hypnotherapy will help you go to the root of your blocks quickly and create a self image and a belief system that supports who you really are and gives you the confidence to build a profitable business while you serve the people you love to serve.
6-Month Program, 2 hour long hypnotherapy sessions a month. Also, it includes “Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks!” & “Turn On Your Money Magnetism”, “Clients, Clients and More Clients! Success Program” This program is available application only.

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