J.R. Mahon

J.R. Mahon

Spiritual Director – I Teach You Your Life’s Work

I am a certified Spiritual Director, mentor and pastor. I have a unique gift to open people up, helping them quickly see what is and what isn’t. I move people to higher levels of awareness for the best possible growth, personally, professionally and spiritually.

I don’t fix, I listen and discern the best, healthiest way to move you forward. I see people one-on-one or in groups. I can work with you face to face in Southern California or a host of digital options outside the area.

I would be honored to be your spiritual director or mentor.

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You are wanting healthy relationships, satisfying career, peace within your faith or simply someone to listen.


You are building a “people first” company culture. You want to hire rock stars, keep rock stars and grow leaders while increasing the bottom line.


You are needing someone safe who can listen, understands spiritual transformation while navigating the pressures and processes of faith-based environments.

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