Discover How Phil Taylor Can Help You Turn Your Event Into a Huge Success!

Perhaps no one alive today has conducted and recorded more formal interviews on the topic of success with leading Professional Speakers on success than Phil R. Taylor. Name the author or speaker and there is a good chance that Phil has interviewed them.

Moreover, Phil R. Taylor has not only collaborated with the ‘Who’s Who’ in the Professional Speaking Industry, he has also developed close personal ties and relationships over the years with some of the most notable and influential Professional Speakers in the industry.

If you want to know or get access to a Speaker of your choice, Phil R. Taylor is the one to call. He has collaborating with countless of Professional Speakers, including some of the absolutely finest in the world, such a Dr. Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracey, Harvey Mackay , Tom Hopkins , Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Nido Qubein,Ed Foreman ,Ivan Misner Jeffrey Gitomer, Dr. Tony Alessandra , Robert Ringer , Ford Saeks, Larry Winget, just to mention a few of the hundreds of some of the most notable Speakers and Business authors in the world.

If you are a Meeting Planner, a brief call with Phil R. Taylor is well worth the time invested , as he regarded as the optimal connector in the industry!

As an expert in the professional Speaking industry Phil Knows and is connected to the wide resource of Speaker Experts in the industry and is able through his close relationship with many, to help identify the Perfect Speaker for your Meeting Planning needs and Goals.

Driven by integrity and a genuine sense of love and care for his clients,

Phil R. Taylor connections and ability to find Speaker solutions is not the only thing that stands out. In addition, it is the manner in which Phil conducts himself with those he serves, that has earned him a wide recognition for exceeding clients expectations and goals, thus serving with precision , excellence and effectiveness, and consistently going way beyond way, what is expected.

Phil R. Taylor is a Multiple Award-Winning Speaker,
Trainer and Recognized Expert on Communications,
Collaboration and Goal Achievement.

  • Founder and President of numerous businesses enterprises (Clients included Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Greyhound, TD Bank etc.)
  • Founder of Goal Achievers International, and Goal Achievers International Speakers Group.
  • Author of the Book ‘Set Yourself on Fire!’ How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love.’
  • Host of the Goal Achievers Radio Show and Host of the Nationally Syndicated Empower America Hour!
  • Producer and Host of The Napoleon Hill 17 Principles of Success ( with 51 Collaborators, Including Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Mark Victor Hansen, Ivan Misner, Nido Qubein, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Sharon Lechter, Shep Hyken…etc)
  • Producer and Host of the 17 Biblical Principles of Success ( with 51 Collaborators, Including Dr. Ken Blanchard, Tom Hopkins, Bob Danzig, Barbara Glanz, Naomi Rhode, Joe L. Dudley, James L. Capra, Julie Ziglar Norman…etc)
  • Former President of Sheridan Park Toastmasters
  • Recipient of the ‘Best Extemporaneous Speaker’ for the entire State of Alabama, awarded by Toastmasters International, 2015.

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