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Janet Jones

“Every so often an inspiring book will take residence in my handbag, for times when I have been kept waiting or I arrive early at a meeting. My book has been personalized with my highlighter and notes so that I can flick through and land on those golden nuggets that I found to inspire me. Thank you for this book Phil. It is easy to read, easy to follow and easy to get inspired by regularly. I was also amazed how many facts I learned. Before reading this book I never knew the origins of going the extra mile. Now I do and if you want to find out I recommend this book!!! Or you could just Google it, but then you would miss out!”

Unique Leadership and Development Trainer AND creator of Happiness Millionaire Inspirational Products
Paul Schween

“Phil’s energy is second to none. What a great person to simply be around. Any contact with this man will lighten your day!“

Director of Sales PocketSelfStorage.com
Tom Cunnigham

“Phil’s book had me smiling throughout and writing tons of notes. Like myself, it is clear that Phil has read many great books in the personal development field. He is a big fan of Napoleon Hill and a Christian so I like him instantly. He refers to many books and speakers that I love throughout the book. One that I hadn’t thought of in a while is the book The Magic of Thinking Big which I really loved years ago. Like a great recipe, Phil mixes in information from great speakers and authors from the past and adds his own ideas, thoughts and perspectives to make this book a masterpiece of personal development. This book is well worth the price to purchase it and the time to read it. You will be blessed and enriched by it.”

Business Development
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Publisher, Radio Host
Rose Van der Hoff

“WOW! Having set my goals I know feel like I now have a purpose and there is meaning to my life again. I am sure that as I read and re-read this book over and over again my buried dreams will now come true.”

Patrick Bizandavyi

“Phil Taylor writes the way he lives his life. He walks the talk and he is really a man on fire.Not only the book is a blessing to its readers, it is also a classic for each and every one of us. Phil is for me the modern Napoleon Hill.”

Unleashed Possibilities Inc.
Connie Bullington

“Surely this is one of the best motivational books around! It gives you information, stories, structure to apply to your own life, and resources to take things to the next level. I’ve read a lot of motivational material and found this book to put its reader in touch with a source of answers to all questions- thus it offers the highest in value. Get your pencil out when you read this one – you will want to underline and make notes in this refreshing reference manual. Set You on Fire is a motivational road map helping people identify and achieve their goals. The author takes you on an energy packed journey equipping the reader with practical tools and suggestions on how to translate the things you are passionate about into reality. This book is a great read for anyone looking to create a life they love living.”

Hospitality Marketing Director
Eva Karpati

“Phil Taylor has written an excellent book to inspire us all to be the best we can be in an easy-to-read and compelling style. The steps and anecdotes are perfect for showing us the path to follow our innermost goals. Phil’s own passion spills out onto the pages and is a strong motivating force throughout the book. This is an important read to ensure that we all not only ignite our own lives but because of the profound effect we then have on each other.”

Publisher/Editor at Good News Toronto
Bill Gluth

“Every once in a while, a book comes along that ignites the heart and motivates the soul into action. Phil Taylor’s “Set Yourself on Fire” is a book that accomplishes that and much more. Author Phil Taylor gives his readers practical advice, inspiration and actions they can take to ignite their passion and live with greater purpose. This is an author who obviously speaks from first-hand experience, making the lessons learned from reading all the more meaningful. I highly recommend Phil Taylor’s book “Set Yourself on Fire” to anyone who is ready to make the leap from “also-ran” to amazing. This book can show you how.”

Evernote Certified Consultant
Patrice Stephens Bourgeault

“THIS book jump-started my heart! When my motivational battery was drained and low and having heard how other people had gained success, but I hadn’t, made me discouraged. BUT, when Taylor talked about these other people’s familiar success stories, in Set Yourself on Fire, he encouraged me that I too could succeed in my passions as they had done.”

Visual Fine Arts Artist
Scientific Illustrator, Anthropologist & Writter
John Patrick Hickey

“Phil Taylor is a gifted motivator and writer. Set Yourself on Fire is a useful and must have tool for anyone who seeks to achieve their dreams in life. Phil sets down easy to follow, practical instructions that challenge and inspire his readers. I recommend this work to everyone.”

Author / Speaker at John Patrick Hickey