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Dr. Dilip Abayasekara

“In writing the book, Set Yourself on Fire, Phil Taylor has put his powerful motivational speaking skills into the written word. I am impressed with Phil’s total passion for helping people discover and tap their potential. Phil Taylor’s message has the power of authenticity because he lives what he proclaims in his book. Phil writes with eloquence, power, and humility. His spiritual focus adds a depth to his book that few self-help books are able to achieve. I highly recommend Phil Taylor and his book for anyone who wants to become who they were meant to be; to live life with purpose and passion, and become a light to their world — Just like Phil — Set Yourself on Fire!”

Associate Pastor at Middlesex United Methodist Church

“There are very few people in the world who have influenced me as much as Phil Taylor. He is an excellent speaker and motivator who expanded my horizons and vision with his book, “Set Yourself On Fire”. My life was changed forever and I was reminded that I was officially given the personality profile of “Ball of Fire.”

Leanna Falkiner

“Set Yourself on Fire is a motivational roadmap helping people identify and achieve their goals. The author takes you on an energy packed journey equipping the reader with practical tools and suggestions on how to translate the things you are passionate about into reality. This book is a great read for anyone looking to create a life they love living.”

Managing Director, evoQ
Ana Bella

“While I was reading “Set Yourself on Fire” I had a commute of over an hour for an interview that would mean a dramatic and most wanted change in my life. Without realizing it, by the time I got the interview, I was calm, self confident, peaceful, focused and full of strength. The meeting was fun and energized, and I was invited to join the group. Thank you Phil Taylor for writing this book.”

Ed Foreman

‘Set Yourself on Fire!’ is Terrific! So much truth and easy reading- the kind of book I enjoy traveling with and quoting from!”

Former U.S Congressman
Kathleen Betts

“I just finished reading Set Yourself on Fire. It’s marvelous. I can’t wait to share it with as many people as I possibly can and to hope it makes the life enhancing differences Phil Taylor intended. I simply love it and am going to re-read it now to my kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration. It’s beautiful!”

Freelance Writer, Personal Development Enthusiast
Emily Park

“Just finished reading Set Yourself on Fire. This book is beautifully written, and is full of inspiring stories and thoughtful insights which I call to mind daily. Thanks Phil! Can’t praise it enough!!!”

Hospital to Long Term Care Case Manager
at Community Care Access Centre
Jeffrey Brown

“ Phil is a visionary who provides a service that enables many from various walks of life to realize their hidden potential.”

CAPM® Financial Analyst
and avid writer seeking opportunities in process improvement and other business analysis functions
Danny Cheoreanu

“Phil has passion to help others, he is an energetic speaker and motivator offering clever insights to help you become your personal best. Phil is an engaging, articulate and passionate speaker whose warmth and intelligence make his presentations captivating and persuasive.”

Helping clients to implement
the best technical solutions
Gurmit Gill

“Simply put, Goal-achievers promoted by Phil Taylor is as a holy and energetic place where sparks of our dreams become the fire of our passions. It’s a place where people help each other through the kindness of their hearts in the spirit of love and giving. It provides a place where one can find, inspiration, support of great like-minded people, and resources that acts as a catalysts to speed up the journey of its members toward the goals of their lives. If any one is interested in building a support network, find direction and encouragement in an honest and loving environment, Goal-achievers is the place you can’t miss. If someone added one or ten more years to your life by simply speeding up you journey towards your goals, what value you will put on that? That’s what you can expect when you join Goal-achievers.”

CEO at Costek: Helping Companies Manage & Reduce Mobility & Telecom Expenses