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Raghbir Dhillon

“Phil is imaginative, self-critical, confident, and very personable and always seeks to push the boundaries of achievement. For him, the sky is the limit. I will always be glad that I met him because he has made my life richer. I owe him a debt of gratitude for the many kindnesses he has bestowed on me. He is a warm and generous person. It is a privilege and a pleasure to support him and I do so unhesitatingly and unreservedly.”

Former Vice President
SBS Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: SBSE)
Elena Fort

“The Goal achievers group that Phil started and runs is an amazing program that helped me to focus on important things and important goals. As a sales person I have a freedom to do whatever I want and this program helps me with going after those goals, tasks and activities that are the most important. Also the weekly meetings ensure the regularity of focus. Thank you, Phil for starting this important porogram that I recommend to everybody to become a member!”

Sales Representative at New World 2000 Realty
Clark Luby

“Goal Achievers is great because it brings together, on a weekly basis, peers who will keep you accountable and on track. For myself, I was able to finally get a physical fitness routine going. As a result I’ve not only lost weight, but I feel great and have found a new passion in running. It’s got to the point where I’m keeping my eye out for running events to participate in and really take things to the next level. Thanks to Phil and the group for getting me on track. Much more success to come I’m sure.”

Senior Vice President, Head Sales
Martin Kijazi, PhD

“Phil is a man of great leadership qualities characterized by passion, compassion and vision. I first knew Phil from Toastmaster leadership and communication program. Both as a Toastmaster and facilitator of Goal achievers Inc., Phil has shown extraordinary leadership. His passion and initiative has made him a great public speaker, organizer and visionary. His speeches are inspirational, and his acts are exceptionally compassionate. Through his belief in compassion, he founded Goal achievers Inc. This initiative now allows many women and men to come together in harmonious cooperation to work as a team and help each other achieve their goals.”

Independent Consultant
at CIFOR Center for International Forestry Research
Pubudu Premawardena

“Goal Achievers is a wonderful program for anybody who wants to achieve dreams and be successful. Phil has come-up with a structured but practical mechanism to support achieving individual goals. Since I joined the Goal Achievers program few months ago, I have started to visualize my goals more clearly. The feedback from Phil and others in the group is driving me to heights that I could not have imagined otherwise. I strongly recommend Phil and his Goal Achievers program.”

Vice President, Internal Ratings Management at Scotiabank
Jing Lang, FSA, FCIA

“The first time I met Phil, he was delivering a speech at Forward Speakers Toastmaster Club. His speech instantaneously captured my attention and everyone else in the audience that when he finished, we all wished that his speech was longer! A few months later, I invited him to be a guest speaker at my own club. Not only did he arrived early to get familiar with his speaking space, but also he brought a very meaningful gift – “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill to award the audience. Most importantly, his speech again was captivating. In my view, Phil is a very professional business man with a great vision.”

Business Development Actuary at Swiss Re
Patricia Fripp

“Phil Taylor is known as a man of action in the National Speakers Association. What he has done to gather success minded professionals into a group represents how he attracts his client’s projects.”

Executive Speech Coach | Presentation Skills Expert | President at FrippVT
Christine Till

“It is an honour to have Phil Taylor on my show! He inspires me to be more than I am and to reach higher to achieve my highest aspirations and goals. He helps you to feel your own greatness within and shows you how to tap into that greatness. Phil inspires me to “Set Myself On Fire!” You must read his book, “Set Yourself On Fire: How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love!” It will transform you forever!”

LinkedIn Expert/ Trainer & Speaker/ Lead Generator
more than just leads helping make money unleashing LinkedIn's power.
Bob Brumm

“Phil’s ability to bring out the best in all his guests is shown graciously with his project “Napoleon Hills 17 Principles of Success”. Phil interviewed 51 awesome guests of great knowledge. Phil brings out the great concepts that Napoleon Hill first wrote of in the early 20th century with current titans of industry that have applied these principles for great success. Phil’s enthusiasm, guidance and guests really bring out the great Success principles so we can all achieve greatness. If you don’t have this CD set, you need to get it, Listen to it, and listen again and again and again. Well worth the time to put these positive concepts in your life.”

Speaker/Trainer specializing in Encouragement.
Guiding individuals & organizations to a Positive Perspective.
Hank Boyer

“Having known Phil for nearly 15 years, I can honestly say that the author and his book are one in the same…Set Yourself on Fire! Is a God-inspired work of Phil’s heart? Readers will find it a high-octane practical how-to book, easy to understand and apply its principles. I’ve recommended it to some of my coaching clients and for anyone seeking to live a life of accomplishing goals.”

Best Practices Author