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What Will a Strong Personal Brand Do For You and Your Business?

Go from a mediocre to an elite entrepreneur.
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About Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray loves Aunt Jemima syrup on burnt pancakes with bacon and eggs. As the personal branding expert, Ramon knows it’s the quirky things that make us stand out. Brands who stand out are not only seen and noticed, but they get to pick their customers. While most people want to stand out, the fear of standing on your own is often greater than the benefit of a strong personal brand.

From over 20 years of personal and proven experience, Ramon knows the secret to standing out, getting noticed and making money. As a four-time entrepreneur, Ramon knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and can help YOUR business. As a best-selling author, Ramon knows the ins-and-outs of guerilla marketing.

As a global speaker Ramon makes each talk personal and relevant to his audience. If you want to use your personal brand to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and make more money contact Ramon. If you want to be known, liked and trusted, Ramon’s presentations will take you there. STOP WONDERING why your brand is not taking off. Talk to Ramon


Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers

Learn how small business owners and entrepreneurs can ATTRACT, SELL and WOW. It’s a three-phase process which helps you attract more customers, educate them until they buy and wow them so that customers buy again and again and tell others. Attendees will leave with a suite of best practices, providing them a powerful framework for small business success.

FREE Publicity. Get The Media To Tell Your Story.

Getting the media to cover your business is not hard. But it does take time and a strategic plan of action (and some luck). Ramon has earned lots of media coverage and he’ll show you how he’s done it. Ramon will show you his proven method for having journalists, producers, and others in the media listen to you and report about you (or your company, product, service, etc).

Personal Branding. Go From Invisible To Rock Star Status.

Ramon shares how and why it’s important to build YOUR personal brand and be a CELEBRITY in your market! Ramon Ray will show, from his personal experience, the 5 steps necessary to build your personal brand and ensure that YOU (not your logo or your business cards) are on people’s minds when they think of the product or service you sell. A solid personal brand makes you the ONLY choice and will crush your competition! Ramon will share HIS personal journey in building his brand resulting in book deals, speaking engagements, and MORE SALES!

Sales Is Dead. How Social Content Builds Brand and Drives Sales.

Social content is all about creating relevant content that creates a relationship with you and your customers and potential customers. In this presentation, Ramon will give you a step by step overview of the best practices to leverage social content in your business. He’ll share concrete examples of what companies have done RIGHT and examples of what companies have done WRONG. He’ll leave you with “take home” insights in how to use content marketing as a powerful tool for business growth.

11 Tech Tools and Insights To Build A Better Business

Technology is one of the most empowering ways that small businesses can GROW their businesses. There are a few core fundamentals that every business owner needs to implement in order to leverage technology as an asset to grow their business. In this presentation, Ramon outlines 11 of the CORE fundaments that every business owner needs to understand and properly implement technology in your business.

How Smart Companies Thrive In An Uber Economy

We’re in a world where sharing dominates (ie Uber), where speed is the norm, where mobile is everywhere and where competition is closer than a mouse click away. Will your business survive? What can you do about it? This presentation will give you the foundations and tools for success in your business – to THRIVE in today’s new digital “Uber” economy.

Paying for Attention: Digital Advertising Tips and Tactics

The “Internet” is not free. Social platforms and search engines allow businesses to reach their audiences through advertising. This presentation helps business owners understand the fundamentals and best practices in online advertising.

Rave Reviews for Ramon Ray

  • “Ramon Ray, one word to express how I felt about your presentation at SMB Nation today…”AMAZING!!” Great work, Ramon! Thank you!!”

    Luis Pavon
  • “[Ramon Ray] is fascinating. His energy is complemented by his knowledge and his acknowledging of God. He is phenomenal.”

  • “Ramon Ray has me so ready to upgrade my entire life! Great personality and advice. Period.”


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