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About James L. Capra

As CEO and Founder of The Front Line Leadership Group, a leadership training, and development firm, James L. Capra is a highly sought after speaker throughout federal, state and local governmental agencies on national security issues as well as contemporary leadership challenges and practices. He is the author of Leadership at the Front Line: Lessons Learned About Loving, Leading and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant as well as his new book, The Eagle and the Seagulls: A Wisdom Story for Children and Adults.

Jimmy, as his friends and colleagues know him, is a high-energy and dynamic speaker who shares leadership lessons learned from serving nearly three decades as a warrior and public servant in one of the most dangerous federal law enforcement professions, Drug Enforcement Administration. In addition, as the father of six successful children, James also shares the passion, heartache, and joy of parenting, detailing the challenges of raising children in a culture filled with frivolity and moral relativism.

Audiences are consistently moved to hear how Jimmy speaks with humor, passion and real life examples of how great leaders have an incredible ability and understanding of what it means to love their teams and family with purpose and passion. He knows it from experience, having served as the Chief of Global Operations responsible for 227 domestic offices and 86 foreign offices in 67 countries. His


Resurrecting Trust!

Capra discusses and shares with the audience the critical importance of building a foundation of trust by developing a moral position that employees—and the organization—have a purpose. Our people not only have a purpose in the organization but they also have a moral purpose in life. “SOP’s don’t develop a culture of trust…leaders do!”

Relationship Management

Capra discusses the fundamental principles for leaders and aspiring leaders to be willing to develop positive relationships in life, both in the professional and personal arena. He discusses and highlights the importance of covenant relationships with individuals and stakeholders vs contractual obligations, policies, and procedures.

A Leader’s Legacy- What Will You Leave Behind?

Capra discusses in detail the essence of “leading from the heart” at the Front Line and the importance of recognizing that leaders only have a moment to make a difference in the lives of others. He shares the necessity of understanding the principles of People, Purpose and Passion in the execution of dynamic leadership.

Rave Reviews for James L. Capra

  • “Jimmy Capra rocks! His dynamic presentation was exceeded only by the power of his message. He charms his audience with wit and wisdom, while challenging them to reject mediocrity and to demand excellence & accountability. Our nation needs more Jimmy Capras.”

    Don B. Munson-Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry, US Army (Ret) Director, Youth Leadership Conference.
  • “Jimmy – great job speaking at our annual Heroes of Denton County awards banquet.  Your down-to-earth message to the young fire fighters and law enforcement officers in our crowd resonated with everyone.  I even heard Senator Nelson remark that you gave her “goose bumps” when talking about your experience on 9/11.  Thanks for your inspiration that night and your continued friendship to the Heroes.  Also, good luck on your new book, it’s fascinating!”

    Russ Kerbow- Chief of Police, Lewisville Police Department.
  • “James Capra has been a regular presenter at police leadership classes in the Dallas area hosted by the Caruth Police Institute. Students consistently rate him among the finest instructors they have had. His depth of experience is matched only by his energy, enthusiasm and skill as a speaker. His philosophy that leadership must be built on a strong ethical base blended with empathy for fellow beings, produces an immediate bond with the audience. The result is a dynamic speaker with a message worth hearing.”

    Richard N. Holden, Ph.D. Associate Director for Training and Education, Caruth Police Institute.
  • “Leadership at the Front Line belongs in the hands of everyone on your leadership team. I strongly believe this philosophy could transform the way the world does business. Jimmy’s no holds barred talk on leadership is a must for all leadership teams desiring to break through the academic speak and hear from someone who actually lived a life as a leader.”

    Steve Childress Think Leveraged Services, LLC President/COO.
  • “James L. Capra, Chief of DEA Operations (ret.), brings an outstanding resume of service…selfless service to those most fortunate to hear him present on issues related to leadership and administration, drug enforcement initiatives in the U.S. and abroad and even the joys of being a husband and dad. His commentary is based on facts and real world experiences that have positively shaped his life and the lives of those he was chosen to direct and guide. Outstanding speaker for those interested in real world leadership in a tough and demanding environment.”

    T. Neil Moore, Ed.D.- Director Institute for Law Enforcement Administration.
  • “This book is a great read and it crosses over cultural lines. We had twenty senior leaders from two car dealerships meet once a week for eleven weeks to discuss each chapter of this book. Over the eleven weeks not only did our team learn how to love the people we have been entrusted to serve, but we also grew to love each other better. James has inspired this team to pursue excellence every day that we show up to work.”

    Mike Biggers, Huffines Auto Dealerships.


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