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Brian Smith

“When I was a raw, hopeful author and potential speaker, Phil Taylor was a valuable asset in helping me to understand the speaking landscape, and also provided a host of TOP CLASS speakers who read my book and wrote testimonials for it. He is very connected and will be a great help for launching you as a speaker.

UGG Founder, Author, Keynote Speaker
John Haime

“Phil is a personable, very positive person to be associated with. He has a great understanding of the speaking business and works to find others opportunities in creative ways. I really enjoyed association with Phil and have no doubt that his talents can be a valuable resource for many organizations.”

President, New Edge Performance
Jan Payne

“Phil is one of the best listeners I have ever encountered. His radio shows are evidence of this amazing talent. Phil is well read on any subject and manages to ask the most intelligent, probing, engaging questions of his guests. He is passionate and compassionate. If you have a chance to work with Phil on any level, take it!"

Operations Manager at MindAptiv, LLC
Jim Pagiamtzis

"Phil Taylor shared a memorable and inspiring message at a Life of Entrepreneurs event that I have always shared with fellow entrepreneurs. His insights on being a servant leader and that the unique abilities that we all have can be the fuel we need to succeed in our endeavors."

social media & digital PR | trainer | workshops |
keynote speaker | content marketing
Van Ngo

“Last week I attended the seminar organized by Society of Internet Professionals. Phil was one of the speakers at the event who shared his story of his transformation. I was inspirited by his speech: the fact that many of us are not doing what we really want to do. Thank-you for motivating us to work toward our dreams.”

Asst Manager, Trade Operations at RBC
Jim Cathcart

“As a professional speaker and author I've been interviewed hundreds of times worldwide. Phil Taylor is one of my favorite interviewers; not only does he do his job really well, but he also shares my same values. I admire him and what he stands for. Goal Achievers is an impressive organization with a bright future.”

Speaker/Author, The Motivation Expert

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